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221 Felch St
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Artist and maker Abigail Murray has been living and working in Ann Arbor since 2003. After years of working on installations and collaborations with architects, events in her life and in the world drew her attention to function. She wants to make things that are useful and beautiful, that people she likes might want, and could afford to buy. Slip casting and hand building with porcelain, and exploring some of the same ideas of layering, light, and texture she did in her sculptural work Abigail makes pieces she hope will be a part of people’s daily lives. 

Squares 2 Mug - Pink


Squares 2 Mug - Pink


Squares 2 Mug - Pink


Slip cast porcelain mug with squares texture. Glazed interior and exterior in pink glaze. Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

Item is 3”x3.25”

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